Yurt Holidays: Camp Site Meets Hotel Room

Yurt holidays or Yurting is the ideal way to enjoy a half way house between a camping holiday and a hotel room. Yurts themselves are large scale tents used by the Mongolians of ancient times. However, the large scale of these oversized tents make them idea for not only larger groups of campers, such as families but also the creation of luxury camping accommodation, complete with beds and modern facilities. If looking to try Yurting in the UK here are some locations to try:

Black Mountain Yurt, Brecon Beacons National Park – Stay in an original Mongolian Yurt on the Western Edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The Yurt while an original comes complete with a not so original double bed and wood burning stove. Full facilities are provided a short walk away in the “shepherd’s wagon” including, power shower and flushing toilets.

Yurt Works, Bodmin Cornwall – Just a little to the North of Bodmin, Yurt Works is the ideal way to enjoy Yurting in the Cornish countryside. The company offers a number of options including Yurts suitable for 2, 4 and six occupants. Shower and bath facilities are also provided in a separate Yurt and fuelled by a wood burning stove adding an additional touch of interest.

Devon Yurt, Tamar Valley Devon – A great location weather going East into Devon or West into Cornwall. Devon Yurt has to options “great links” and “little links” dependent upon the size of your party. The owners of the site will even have a fire lit for you on your first night, seeing that your accommodation is all warm and ready to enjoy.

Suffolk Yurt Holidays – Ideal for those looking for a coastal location. The site has four Yurts of 5.7 meters in diameter, accommodation is suitable for four adults or two adults and four children. Yurts are fitted out with wooden floors, rugs, wood burning stoves and a private BBQ.

So looking for an unusual camping experience or want to take someone away for a camping holiday who simply doesn’t do camping, try Yurting instead.

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