Unusual Hotels UK and Ireland

Unusual Hotels UK and Ireland by Steve Dobson is one of the most interesting hotel books for those considering travelling in the UK. The 204 page book is packed with photographs of the kind of hotels and hotel rooms which make visiting a hotel almost work the trip in itself, never mind merely being a place to rest ones head for the night. Whether its lighthouses, castles or themed interiors that take your fancy, there is bound to be a hotel to make you say wow here.

The book is well laid out with six regional sections, this may be an improvement for many on the traditional hotel guide which lists hotels by town name rather, than region making for much easier comparison and less page flipping.

Each hotel entry is at least two pages long, typically featuring at least one full page of high quality images of both the exterior and interior of the hotels. This book is as much about the images as it is about the quality of the written entries. The written entries are however, comprehensive and also include additional items such as, things to do in the local area and previous guest comments. As is to be expected, each entry has full contact details and prices presented in a convenient side panel.

At the end of each regional section and the main entries, there are also some “Suggestions to Check Out” although lacking an image in most cases, each hotel has a small write up and full contact details.

This is a book not to be wasted shut away in the glove compartment of the car, keep this one on the coffee table as a source of inspiration for that next trip. This is a book for people who love hotels, rather than those who simply need somewhere to sleep.

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