Official Tourist Board Guide Hotels

The official tourist board guide “Hotels” is the official publication of the English tourist board and lists all of the hotels in England which have currently been rated by the organisation.

The book is arranged firstly into nine key regions, each section is subsequently divided into towns and cities, London has its own section. The size and quality of entries range from most entries which receive a half page, complete with one or more photographs, through to the listings at the end of each region in which the entry simply receives a contact and star rating.

Full entries contain the hotel contact information, facilities and prices as well as a small write up of a paragraph or so. Listed in the left hand column are the hotels accolades including the official tourist guide star rating and other special demarcations such as the gold award or recommendations for green tourism and the likes.

From an assessment perspective, every hotel with an entry has actually been visited by an inspector connected with the guide. Hotels however, do pay a fee for inclusion in the guide as such, the book can’t quite claim to be as independent as the Good Hotel Guide or the Michelin Guide.

Considering that each hotel has actually been inspected, the scale of the book is somewhat epic, the 380 pages covers hundreds of establishments, many with a full entry. In addition, each regional section starts with an overview of the area including the countries, where to go, events, where to eat and finally the hotel entries.

The official tourist board guide is a great hotel book if you are looking for a comprehensive list of hotels in England at a reasonable price, this is one to buy as a good general guide rather than a specialist resource.

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