Sleeper Trains and Rail Holidays

Sleeper trains and rail holidays offer something quite different to the usual hotel in that one gets to fall to sleep in one destination and wake up in quite another. While high speed rail links have turned the rail sleeper into more of a novelty than a necessity there are still several options to consider if a hotel on rails is what you are looking for. Here are a selection of the options available in the UK:

The Orient Express The Orient Express – No list of rail holidays would be complete without a mention of the Orient Express.

Whilst the overnight accommodation section of the journey takes place in continental Europe, it is from London’s Victoria section where the journey begins with a luxury journey in a Pullman carriage through the Kentish countryside and on to the gleaming hotel cars across the channel.

The Caledonian Sleepers – These are one of Britain’s last true hotel on the rails services for the non-tourist. The Caledonian rail sleepers operate on route between Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, Aberdeen as well as Edinburgh and London’s Euston station. Each route also has several stopping points to let passengers on at various towns and cities within Scotland.

The Night Riviera – England’s only regular non-tourist overnight train. The service connects London’s Paddington station with terminations in Plymouth and Penzance in Cornwall the next day. The trains had originally been separate entities however, recent years have seen the service merged into a single train.

The Royal Scotsman – Want to experience the luxury of the Orient Express but remain in the UK, this is the ticket for you. The Royal Scotsman offers 2-7 night tours of Scotland including a variety of destinations and journeys all in the comfort of luxury private cabins and exquisite dining and observation cars.

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