Alasdair Sawdays British Hotels and Inns

Alasdair Sawdays British Hotels and Inns is nothing if not an honest reflection of its complier. The author admits that hotels included in this book are there not because they are objectively the best hotels in the world but simply because the team liked them. While hotels in the book do contribute a subscription for an appearance in the guide, this is not a commercial listing, reviews are written the way that the team found the hotels and hoteliers can’t “buy” there way into the guide.

As with many guides, the book is split down regional first with sections for England, the Channel Islands, Scotland and Wales and then by county. The guide also places a high degree of emphasis upon green and ethical tourism and as such there is a dedicated “ethical collection” at the back of the book.

The book covers over 340 hotels, each of which is mapped out on one of the 12 maps at the start of the guide. Entries follow a standardised format throughout the book of one review per page, each entry features one photograph of the exterior and one of the interior of the hotel. It is this high degree of standardisation which is probably one of the most attractive features of the book and makes comparing hotels an easy task.

The text is divided into two sections, the top being a write up on the hotel with directions and any other useful information. The bottom section of the page contains the contact information, facilities and rates for the hotel. In addition, each entry also indicates which map the hotel can be found on, a useful feature.

Overall Sawdays British Hotels and Inns is a well formatted hotel guide and most suitable for those who are looking for smaller hotels with a bit of character. The book is well written and the format makes for an excellent point of reference. While the RRP is £14.99, more expensive than many guides, the attention to detail and diversity of locations makes the book worth every penny.

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