The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea

The Ritz London book of afternoon tea by Helen Simpson is the perfect novelty gift for any one who takes their tea seriously or is looking for a little something to bring a touch of the Ritz into the home.

The books comes in a small hardback and dust jacketed format and is printed on high quality glossy paper with an array of back and white pencil style drawings. At just 64 pages, the book is an ideal companion to a cup of tea itself and can be read quite easily in one sitting. The volume starts with an introduction of the event of afternoon tea at the Ritz considering both its history and the experience today.

Later sections of the book give recipes for a variety of afternoon tea treats including sandwiches and savoury dishes, traditional English cakes and foreign cakes. There are also several interesting additional sections throughout the book including “summer teas” which has a great rose petal jam recipe and a section on the not so delicate tradition of high tea.

The book also has a directory of teas at the end giving the ready a clear guide to some of the most popular leaf teas and blends from Assam and Ceylon leaf tea, through to the contents of a blend of English breakfast or Russian caravan tea.

Overall the book is both fun and informative and will provide a nice gift for anyone who either loves tea or has had the pleasure of taking afternoon tea at the Ritz itself. At an RRP of just £6.99 this is a great volume to own, weather you are look for a book to plonk on the coffee table or something to keep in a kitchen as a reference point.

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