Online Hotel Reservations: A Hotel Directory Guide

Considering making online hotel reservations? There are a whole host of online hotel booking websites and reservation services available, some promote a single brand of hotel or type such as luxury hotels, others cover the whole range of hotels in both the UK and internationally. While hotel reservation services are obviously a commercial service, many allow guests to post reviews and rate hotels independently. These customer reviews and ratings may be as useful in finding out the credentials of a hotel as that information provided by the website itself.

Here is a summary of some of the most popular online hotel reservation services covering hotels in the UK:

Octopus Travel:

This is a great general hotel website featuring over 90,000 hotels world wide, with an especially strong selection of UK hotels to suit all budgets and needs. The website also features reviews and ratings from Trip Advisor, giving the site a greater sense of independence.


Guoman Hotels:

Guoman Hotels specialises in a portfolio of luxury hotels within London (and Shanghai!) The hotel group includes famous names such as The Royal Horse Guards, The Tower and The Cumberland. If looking for four and five star hotels in London, this is the place to start.

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Superbreak is an interesting niche hotel site for those looking for something more than just a hotel room. The website has an interesting selection of packages including, theatre breaks, rail holidays and combined hotel and attraction packages. The site particularly strong for those looking for London accommodation. So if it’s a West End musical and hotel room rolled into one, this is the link for you.


Another great generalist hotel website, the site has over 35,000 hotel listed world wide. The site also has other enhanced features including the arrangement of transfers and group bookings. The site is particularly strong from an imagery perspective adding real value for those who like to see a hotel before they book.

A great website if only because the name is so easy to remember. The site boasts 150,000 listed hotels in over 15,000 cities world wide. Perhaps one of the best features of the site however is the ability to locate hotels close to a landmark. So whether its Stonehenge or the York Minster will be able to help. Another interesting touch is the sites “theme hotels” and “secret hotels” sections which offer something just that little bit different.

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Hotels Combined:

This is a truly international hotel resource, the major advantage of the site is the number of languages and currencies which can be made use of. In addition, the site also has some interesting technological links such as the iPhone download. Hotels Combined is one of the largest hotel search facilities available on the web (or phone!)

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