Night Riviera: England’s Last Sleeper Train London to Cornwall

The Night Riviera is the last sleeper train to operate in England runs in both directions between Plymouth and Penzance in the West and London’s Paddington station in the East. As well as being somewhat of a novelty, the train operated by First Great Western also offers travellers a practical way of saving on hotel fees on the long journey between London and the Southwest.

Night Riviera The train operates one service in each direction with daily departures except for Saturdays, trains leave London at around 23:45 and arrive in Penzance at around 08:00 Monday – Friday.

In the opposite direction Trains leave Penzance at 21:45 getting passenger into the capital by 05:45, passengers may remain on the train until 07:00. Departure and arrival times are slightly earlier on a Sunday.

If travelling on the Night Riviera there are three options in the form of a single or twin berth cabins plus a small number of “seated accommodations”. Single berths come equipped with a complementary TV and entertainment system, this is not available in a twin berth but rates are lower and all passengers have access to the lounge car.

Breakfast is available on the service with a dedicated room service to provide a wakeup call and a light breakfast delivered directly to one’s cabin. Other facilities include toilets located at the ends of carriages, the lounge car and the sleeper café, there are no showers on the train but passengers automatically have access to showering facilities and the first class lounge at London’s Paddington station.

In addition travelling on the London to Cornwall sleeper train can be extremely good value. While the journey is no trip on the Orient Express, with tickets available from just £30 per person travelling in a twin, it would be hard to find a cheaper way of getting between Cornwall and the capital, let alone the savings to be made on a hotel room for the night.

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