Martello Tower Aldeburgh: Coastal Forts to Rent in Suffolk

The Martello Tower Aldeburgh is the largest and most northerly of a series of coastal defences constructed to keep Napoleon at bay back in the Napoleonic Wars. Today the building is a little more welcoming and is run by the Landmark Trust as a holiday let suitable for up to four guests looking to enjoy a stay on the Suffolk coast.

The Martello Tower Aldeburgh Those staying at the fort will find that the restoration has been completed in a way which makes the best use of the forts four towers.

The fort has two bedrooms, each sleeping two, a living room, bathroom and shower/toilet. Each of these rooms adjoins onto a central living area.

The fort itself contains a solid fuel burning stove to give the building a warm and cosy feel.

However, while the accommodation at the tower is comfortable, this is not the placed to stay for those looking for a luxury hotel experience. Rather this is a place to come and get away from all the hecticness of modern life and relax amongst good company and home cooked food.

If staying at this landmark it is perhaps the exterior of the building which is the real star of the attraction. On approaching the fort, guests cross a bridge to gain access to the main building. There is also stepped access to the roof of the building giving views out to sea and the chance to make use of the roof as a terrace during the finer months.

From a location perspective, the Aldeburgh Tower is ideal for exploring the Suffolk coast, in edition the tower is within a short distance of Ipswich and the historic town of Eye, famed for its church buildings.

So if looking to stay in a fort or castle for a week and the Suffolk coast seems like an appealing location, Aldeburgh Tower may be one to look into.

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