London Hilton Hotels: Park Lane and Galvin at Windows

The most famous of the London Hilton Hotels must be the Park Lane branch in Mayfair, not only does the hotel offer guests the usual Hilton formula at a fashionable West End address, the hotel is also host to Galvin at Windows, one of the cities finest modern French restaurants.

London Hilton Hotel Park Lane While the hotel won’t win any prizes for its own architectural prowess’s, it is the views from the hotels 27 floors of guest rooms which are the major attraction and offer panoramic vistas of the city, including Hyde Park and the Thames Skyline.

Rooms at the London Hilton come in three classifications guest rooms on floors 5-11, deluxe rooms 12-17 and executive rooms on floors 18-27. For the best views of the city, go for an executive room, deluxe rooms and above also feature exclusive marble bathrooms adding a touch of elegance to the experience.

When it comes to facilities, the Hilton Park Lane hotel is not to be outdone. The hotel features its very own barber, fitness suite and health spa. The hotel also has a full compliment of business facilities and an executive lounge for those who need to connect with the outside world to do business.

When it comes to dinning, there are two main options the Podium Restaurant located in the hotels lobby and Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor. For a serious dining experience, go for the later, Galvin at Windows offers guests the chance to experience Michelin star classic French cooking served at the top of the tower with 360 degree views out onto the city of London.

Entertainment at the Hilton doesn’t end with dinner, begin the night by taking cocktails in the stylish POP Bar before progressing on to spend an evening in the hotels very own night club “Whiskey Mist at Zeta.” If night clubs are not your thing, the hotel is ideally located to take advantage of one of the many shows in London’s West End.

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