The Lanesborough Hotel London: Reputed to be London’s Most Expensive Hotel

The Lanesborough hotel London offers hotel accommodation and dining for the select few for whom money is no object or else those who are simply lucking to make the ultimate statement on a special occasion. The hotel is renowned for its exceptional levels of service, including a 24 hour butler service for all guests and prices that match.

The Lanesborough Hotel London Despite the hotels association with good old fashioned values and levels of service linked to a time gone by, the hotel is in itself a relative newcomer to the five star London hotel scene.

The hotel occupies the site of the former St Georges Hospital built in 1733 and run continuously until the 1970’s. After a decade of disrepair, the building was restored to its former glory and opened up in its present incarnation as hotel in 1991.

Rooms in the hotel are decorated in the Regency style, yet the hotel has managed to combine a blend of the latest in technology with period features. Only at the Lanesborough can one make use of the complimentary laptop entertainment systems on a 19th century handmade desk and still not get the feeling that something is not quite right. For the Lanesborough hotel London, it just works.

While the standard guest rooms should be enough satisfy even the most discerning of travellers, it is the hotels suites which have raised eyebrows amongst the travel press. The Royal Suite as the name suggests has hosted more than its fair share royal guests and heads of state. With three bedrooms, a study, drawing room, kitchen and dining area it’s not hard to see why. Sadly for most, this is also reputed to be one of the most expensive if not the most expensive hotel rooms in London.

The hotel may be famous for its luxury rooms, yet the rooms are only equalled by the food. The hotel is host to Michelin stared restaurant Apsleys at the Lanesborough hotel. The restaurant makes a nice change from the usual French cooking which dominates the Michelin guide. Instead Apsleys headed up by Heinz Beck serves some of the best Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in the UK. While elegant, the restaurant has a smart casual dress code making for a much more relaxed environment than many high end restaurants.

So if looking for a hotel which combines the highest levels of service, exclusivity and one of the best locations in the city, this is the place to come.

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