UK Hotel Chains: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

UK Hotel chains are often neither the most glamorous of hotel establishments and rarely offer an unusual hotel experience. However, there is a reason that such chain hotels have become popular both in the UK and internationally, they offer consistency of quality and availability, often at a reasonable price. So while we can’t promise that the hotel brands listed below will offer mind blowing hotel accommodation, one can be sure of gaining a clean and safe room for the night.

Travelodge Halifax Hilton Hotels UK – The Hilton hotel brand operates a large number of four and five star hotels in the UK including city hotels such as “The Trafalgar” and “The Waldorf Hilton” in London to a wide range of airport hotels aimed at the business traveller.

The Holiday Inn – The Holiday Inn brand is an international chain hotel offering a premium interpretation of the chain hotel concept. Hotels often contain enhanced facilities including gym facilities and indoor swimming pools. The brand also operates “Holiday Inn Express” which is a budget version of the main brand.

Hyatt Hotels – Hyatt Hotels operates a number of sub-brands offering some of the best chain hotel experiences at the luxury end of the market. Well known sub-brands and hotels of distinction include Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency.

Ibis Hotels - Looking for a chain hotel build upon high levels of service and a 24 hour can do attitude, consider the Ibis hotel, great for those looking travel at anti-social hours.

Marriott Hotels – Marriott Hotels are aimed distinctly at the business traveller, if staying at a Marriott Hotel one can expect to find everything one needs to take the office onto the road. In addition to business facilities, the hotel chain also places a high emphasis upon value added facilities with many hotels containing a gym as a minimum.

Travelodge Hotels UK – One of the many budget hotel brands in the UK offering discount hotel rooms in a wide range of locations from branches in historic city centres such as Bath to those located at motorway services suitable for the traveller on the road.

Premier Inn – Perhaps the ultimate exercise in standardisation, one could be forgiven for forgetting which hotel one is in from one Premier Inn to the next. Despite the level of standardisation, rooms are comfortable and usually of good value. The brand has a wide range of locations throughout the UK.

So if finding a unique hotel experience is not the most important element in your hotel selection criteria, the above hotel chains offer a way of finding clean comfortable and often good value hotel rooms for a nights stay.

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