Haunted Hotels in the UK: Spend a Night With the Ghosts

If ghost hunting and the paranormal is your thing, there are plenty of haunted hotels in the UK to explore. From the Ancient Ram Inn, reportedly Britain’s most haunted hotel built back in 1145 to stately homes and country halls counting royal ghosts amongst their guest lists. Here are a few of the most chilling hotel experiences to be found on the UK’s shores.

Ancient Ram Inn The Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire – Reputed to be the UK’s most haunted hotel, residents here are treated to a stay in a stunning piece of architecture dating back to 1145 in the village of Wooton-under-Edge.

Unfortunately, guests may have to share their rooms with poltergeists, hooded monks and Inn’s very own “Blue Lady”.

Madeley Court Telford – Set in a wonderful 16th century manor house, this hotel provides guests with a luxury hotel experience including some of the finest modern British cuisine available. However, if staying here ghostly appearances have been witnessed by many a guest from the appearance of dark shapes to Victorian maids and monks.

Hazelwood Castle Hotel Tadcaster – A former monastery rather than a castle however, today the building some of which dates back to 1086 offers guests a relaxing environment in which to enjoy the large airy rooms and stunning garden views. However, don’t relax too much, guests have reported a number of ghostly activities from strange sounds and noises to doors mysteriously opening and closing again.

The Langham Hotel London – Looking for a haunted hotel in London? Try the Langham Hotel and request room 333. The hotel is London’s original grand hotel and offers guests some of the finest rooms in the city however, numerous guests have reported ghostly activities including the unexplained shaking of the bed in room 333.

So whether it’s a no-so-quite country in or a luxury London hotel, if it’s a haunted hotel you seek, the UK has plenty of options to offer.

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