The Good Hotel Guide Great Britain and Ireland

The Good Hotel Guide Great Britain and Ireland (GHG) is one of the most serious hotel books available on the market. While the book will set you back £20, the 579 pages of detailed information and quality photographs make this publication worth every penny.

The book describes itself as “Fiercely Independent” which represents the general approach to the inclusions in the guide. The guide is paid for on the whole through the sale of books and subscription services, rather then from affiliations with hotels. As such, it is random inspections and reader recommendations that get hotels into the GHG making the book a trusted guide for its readers.

The GHG starts with a number of preliminaries, before going into the main section of the guide. Here guide starts with the Cesar Awards, these are 10 awards given by the compliers of the guide, one for the best hotels from each of the key categories. After this, this guide goes on to give a list of hotels labelled as “Editor’s Choice” in 17 separate categories including romance, value family and gourmet amongst others.

After the preliminary sections the good hotel guide gets into the main section of the hotel reviews. The main body is subdivided into London, England, Scotland Wales and Ireland and then again alphabetically by town name. This can be slightly off-putting if looking for a hotel in an area rather than a specific town. Each hotel review follows a standard format, with one review per page including at least one photograph and a full specification and contact in a side panel.

The final section of the book contains both a short list and set of maps, the short list is a range of hotels which are recommended but have been untested by the compliers or not received sufficient feedback from guests. These reviews contain a brief overview but lack the photographs of the hotels in main section.

As such, the guide serves a duel role as both a practical guide which could be kept in the car or as a book for the coffee table to search out that next inspirational hotel to go and stay in.

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