The Caledonian Sleeper Train, Britain’s Longest Distance Sleeper Train

The Caledonian sleeper train is a practical way of travelling the long distance between various locations in Scotland and London’s Euston station. As well as being one of the few remaining sleeper trains operating in the UK, which adds a touch of novelty, taking the overnight train will also save you the cost of a night out in a hotel.

Caledonian Sleeper Lounge The train operates a daily schedule with the exception of Saturdays between Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort William, Edinburgh and Glasgow into London’s Euston station.

Services operate in both directions stopping at a number of stations en route for additional passengers to board.

Travellers have three options including a seated berth, single berth or twin berth. At the most basic level, the seated birth offers a simple reclining chair for the night and is similarly the cheapest although least comfortable option. Single and twin births offer a cabin complete with bed and duvets for one or two people respectively. If travelling alone, you may want to opt for a single berth unless you are willing to share the company of a fellow traveller for the night in a twin berth.

Breakfast can be ordered and will be delivered directly to one’s cabin. Alternatively, food and drink may be purchased in the buffet car and taken back to the lounge car or cabin. The train also offers a lounge car for the partaking of drinks and light snacks however, at peak times this facility is limited to those holding first class tickets.

Toilets are available at the ends of each car and while there are not showers on board, those holding first class tickets may make use of the showers at all terminus stations, while standard class ticket holders will not have access to such facilities at London Euston or Aberdeen.

As such, the Caledonian sleeper trains may not be the most luxurious experience in the world however, they do provide a cost effective and efficient way of travelling the long distances between Scotland and London. When the savings on hotel rooms are taken into account, the train can become an attractive option.

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