AA Britains Best Hotels Guide Book

AA Britains Best Hotels strikes just the right balance between volume of information and the quality of entries. The book covers just over 200 hotels in England, Scotland Wales and the Channel Islands but does not have any entries for Northern Ireland.

In order to feature in the guide, hotels must meet at least a three star hotel rating as defined by the official tourist board guide. In addition, the editors promise that every hotel featured in the AA guide has actually been visited and inspected, a claim few guides can made.

From an organisational perspective the book is firstly arranged by region, England, Channel Islands, Scotland, Scottish Island and Wales. The guide is then further sub-divided into county sections making for easy reference.

Entries are comprehensive and follow a standard format, there are never more than two entries to a page, although most entries have a full page dedicated to the hotel. Each entry contains the hotels contact and pricing information as well the star rating, a percentage rating and any other accolades such as AA rosettes for hotels with high quality restaurants. Entries then have a small write up about half a page giving a brief summary of the hotel.

Overall, the guide is extremely bright and readable, the photos and graphics add a great deal of value (every entire has at least one photograph). The book is printed on high quality glossy paper and bound in a semi-hardback format making the book practical one to use but also an attractive one. Other features include, a comprehensive set of maps provided by the ordinance survey, hotel index and a comprehensive introduction explaining entries and the rating system.

At an RRP of just £7.99 this is probably one of the best value hotel guides available and well work keeping a copy at home or in the car.

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