Boatel Marina Bratislava Boat Hotel Review

by Tim Adams

On a recent trip to Bratislava we came across the Boatel Marina, the cities very own boat hotel and one of the most unusual hotels in the city. The boat is moored in a fixed location on the Danube and offers views both out onto the river from one side and views of Bratislava castle on the other.

Staying at this hotel has both benefits and drawbacks, on the positive side there is the novelty factor, there is no doubt that staying in a boat hotel or boatel is defiantly cool you are sure to get some interesting pictures. The views of the castle and out onto the river are also deal clinchers and make the hotel worth staying in at least once.

There are however, some negative points to the hotel, the first of which is the hotels rooms. As might be expected, rooms are somewhat cramped and room for two will usually feature two single beds, rather than a double bed. In addition, while the rooms are generally clean they are somewhat dated and feature technology which is a little yesteryear. Finally there is also the point that the boat also doubles up as a night club at the weekend, whether this is a positive or negative factor will depend on whether you want to party or enjoy a quite nights sleep.

Overall, this is a novelty experience, stay here for one night so you can take the pictures and say you’ve stayed on a boat hotel, two nights or more and you may be looking for somewhere a little more comfortable.

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