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Ben Groves

The author of this site is Ben Groves, a middle income, average Joe living in Bedfordshire who would like to share his hotel experiences with you the travelling public. I’ve never worked in the travel and tourism industry and have no professional experience as a hotel reviewer, so why then have I decided to publish a website on UK hotels?

There are two reasons, firstly I have had a wealth of experience of hotels, having lived around the country and travelled for work many a night has been spend in a hotel room booked at the last minute.

Unfortunately most of these experiences have been just plain bland – not even bad hotel experiences that make a good story, just unmemorable nights spend in budget chain hotels. As such, this is a chance to break the mould and share with you the hotel staying public those experiences which truly make a night out worth staying out for.

Secondly, I simply love to travel and share my experiences, especially those experiences from my home country, the UK. While a hotel to some may simply be a place to sleep for the night, find the right hotel in the right location and the hotel itself can almost justify the trip.

Creating Unusual Hotels UK.com has also been a unique learning experience for me in the world of web publishing. Previous to the creation of this site I had little experience of the internet or web-publishing – I’m a traveller in my spare time who wants to share his experiences, not a professional webmaster.

Fortunately Solo Build It has allowed me not only to share my experiences with other like minded individuals but also to create a small additional income, perhaps it will pay for that next unusual hotel room stay. If you like me, have the passion to share one of your hobbies with others but aren’t necessarily a web-wizard, just a few hours working with the SBI

formula could see you creating a site like mine.

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