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Unusual Hotels UK.com is the web resource for those who are tired of staying in chain hotels and are looking for something just that little bit different. Not that we're saying there is anything wrong with chain hotels, but why not find something that little bit different?

So whether you’re looking to book a romantic weekend in one of London’s five star hotels or searching for a windmill to rent for a country retreat, this is the place to begin. The site also provides a wealth of information on related areas such as UK hotel ratings and other often misunderstood aspects of hotel travel.

Claridges Hotel RoomWhen reading the reviews and information on this site please bear in mind that the site is completely independent.

The site does not offer a booking or reservation service, only good information about unusual and unique hotels in the UK and beyond.

That said we do have a round up of the best online reservations on the web where you can find a whole range of places to make your dream hotel stay come true. If online research is not your cup of tea, why not try our book section, every book has been road tested and the best have full reviews on our site.

All hotels listed on this site have come to the attention of the publisher either through personal experience or the recommendation of others who have stayed at the establishment.

Perhaps you’re looking for the lighter side of hotel stay and travel, if so check out our fun hotel facts and trivia section, from the worlds highest hotel room to the most expensive hotel room in the worlds, you’ll find the answer here.

Finally please feel free to participate, we actively encourage readers to post reviews and share those magical finds with the rest of the travelling community. As such you are encouraged to submit hotel reviews on any of the relevant sub-sections of the website and help your fellow travellers to find those unusual UK hotels.